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Are iPad Games Too Expensive?


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Jan 17, 2010
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The Guardian Games Blog is today posing the question, are iPad games too expensive? Apparently some iPad owners have been complaining that the games are a little on the pricey side, so Games Blog asked Gonzague de Vallois, senior vice-president of publishing at Gameloft, to explain a little about the thought process behind iPad game prices (aside from the thought of making lots of money, that is!). He said that as far as Gameloft was concerned, the price of their iPad games is actually very similar to that of their iPhone games, ranging from $6.99 to $9.99, adding that Gameloft were able to keep prices down because the iPad versions were very similar to the iPhone versions in terms of game depth and the number of levels.

The blog also spoke to Chillingo’s head of publishing, Johnny Coghlan, who said that in the end it would be the consumer who would determine the price of iPad apps, as they were the ones with the ultimate choice of what game to buy. Both Coghlan and de Vallois concluded by pledging their support for the iPad, with de Vallois adding that Gameloft are now planning to develop titles specifically for the iPad from the ground up, and Coghlan talking of the device’s “great potential†as a gaming platform.

By Maura Sutton, iPadForums.net
[Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk]
I think they are actually cheap. DS games are $30 on average, PSP games are $30-$40, pc games that will run on a laptop run $30-$50....high priced iPad games are $12...seems like a steal to me!

If a real, fully fleshed out game comes out for the iPad like a FF port I could see them charging $30 for it and it being worth it.
The bigger problem for me is not the cost, but the double dipping. My feeling is that if the developer is just releasing an upscaled version of their iPhone game, it should be released as a Universal app. All though I have looked fondly at many of the iPad games that have come out that fall into this category, I have refused to pay again for the same game that I purchased for the iPhone. But if the game is substantially different, taking advantage of the screen real estate and truly adding new features that go beyond the iPhone version, I have no problem with buying version 2.0.

I have no problem with a developer setting the price for a game at whatever level. Whether they are looking at premium prices ($7.99 and up), impulse buyers ($.99 to $2.99) or Freemium models. They put a great deal of effort into developing and supporting their games and have a right to set the price. Fortunately each of us as buyers have a stronger right... to just walk away if we are not interested.

I have no problem for paying $9.99 or whatever for a game (whether on the iPhone or the iPad). In most cases, I get hours of enjoyment from a good game, where I would have to pay the same amount to see a 90 minute movie at the local cineplex. And I have enjoyed the benefits of the many .99 cent games that have come out over the past couple of years. In the end, I will decide whether a game at any price meets my needs. Sure, I would never buy Godfinger, but can take advantage of the Freemium model since I also don't feel compelled to do the in-app purchases. But I am more likely to spend the ten bucks to get a game that will fill the gaps in my day with quality fun.
I agree with the universal app sentiment. There should be either only universal allowed or add a new model for upgrading software...but simply releasing an iPad version of an app and charging again for it is pretty criminal.
With Apple's "magical and revolutionary" iPad hitting next week April 3, to be exact expect a flood of apps and video games to saturate iTunes at launch. Specifically, expect these games, unearthed from the iPad's app store. The first wave of iPad games appear to mostly be up scaled upgrades of their iPhone and iPod Touch counterparts, according to screen grabs of the iPad app store from App Annie. We already knew that, thanks to early leaks of the existence of titles like Plants Vs. Zombies HD and Flight Control HD. At next week's launch, we expect at least these games to be available for purchase on our shiny new iPads.
With Apple's "magical and revolutionary" iPad hitting next week April 3, to be exact expect a flood of apps and video games to saturate iTunes at launch.

Dont you mean the 30th? and I am also confused by your meaning in this.

You are talking also about the 3G not just the WiFi iPad, aren't you? You didn't specify and its not always good we just assume what people mean, can you explain it further please? It almost appears as though your in a time warp and we are back to talking about the initial release of the iPad again. Only this time many of us have already been using the WiFi version as well as most of the apps for it.

Sorry if I am confused about your post, but I even did a double take after reading the post to be sure of the time date settings.
We (new Ipad users) are somewhat being held hostage to these prices. In time the prices will come down. I agree with the Universal App concept, but Apple started this if you really think about it. You can buy Iwork 09 for 79.00 without any kind of discount or special consideration for you to load it on your Ipad. Think about home many more people would adopt the software if they would include a discount code for you to buy the Ipad versions. This could make Iwork.com a viable and workable solution for sharing and storing our Iwork docs.
I appreciate it when developers offer a universal apps but overall, I don't think the complaints about price are justified. Most apps are cheap compared to other platforms and if you are willing to pay a premium for Apple hardware then why whine about the apps.

i spent a very dollars on a games ..but i do not have a problem with the fact that i had to pay for the games ..

it part of the deal of owning a apple products ..
I think the games are/were an initial a parlor trick to showcase the speed, colors and graphics of the iPad. Quick sales for the Ooo Ahhh crowds that watch "us" owners try to figure out how we're gonna use this new toy in our daily lives and strive to convince our coworkers that we "need" it vs. "want" it.

Games are cool...but let's light the fire under the productivity apps "right-sized" for the iPad!!!!!

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