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AppStore upside down

Jan 22, 2011
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Outside my iPad, or was it inside?
Sometimes the AppStore rotates upside down when opening, for no apparent reason.

I can use the iPad for half an hour in the same position, then open AppStore and it rotates upside down. This occurs with no other app.

It is not too much of a hassle, as the iPad just needs to be rotated once to reorient properly, but weird nonetheless.

Anyone ever experienced something similar?
I've seen apps launch I their default orientation and then right themselves. Ocassionlly I'll run into an older iPhone App that doesn't want to "filp". I have not had the App store do that on me.

Are you running with rotation lock on? Have you tried keep in the iPad I the opposite orientation and see if the App Store launches "correctly"? Have your completely shut down your iPad?

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