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Apple's New iPad Heat Problem ?


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Feb 8, 2012
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Various discussions appear one by one after the release of the new iPad. This may arise our curiosity about every aspect of the new iPad.

Say, heat problem, it not new the previous-gen iPad has heat problems, how about the new iPad?

At a suburban Los Angeles Apple store, a staffer confirmed that the new iPad gets warmer than the iPad 2. He attributed that to the battery.

-Nanotech-The Circuits Blog

The new iPad may have a unique issue due to the larger battery and chip:

New iPad's circuit board and battery.
(Credit: iFixit)

Stories pointed out that this new device is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Though it depends, but we can get more to know is the potential effects that Apple's new iPad could touch every market in the future.

To Tim Bajarin,its new display 2048x1536 is indeed revolutionary.

After Apple announced the new iPad, story after story pointed out that this new device isevolutionary, not revolutionary. But I disagree. I believe that this new iPad will actually have a revolutionary impact on the market in some very interesting ways...


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