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Apple’s HomePod is Now Available to Pre-Order


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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HomePod available now to pre order.JPG

Apple’s HomePod is now available to pre-order in the US, UK, and Australia, writes 9to5 Mac. The first orders are due to arrive on February 9. The HomePod costs $349 and comes in white or space gray versions.

Meanwhile, Apple has just issued an official “Environmental Report” for HomePod, which “details the environmental performance of HomePod as it relates to climate change, energy efficiency, material efficiency, and restricted substances.”

Among the nuggets of information contained in the report is the fact that 100% of the fiber used in the retail box for the HomePod is either recycled or sourced from responsibly managed forests. Also, the HomePod is incredibly energy efficient, with power-efficient components and software that will power down those components intelligently when the HomePod is inactive. In fact, Apple proclaims that “HomePod consumes less power than an average LED household light bulb during music playback.”

Also in a bid to lessen the environment impact of HomePod, it is brominated flame-retardant free, PVC-free, and Beryllium-free.

Sources: https://images.apple.com/environment/pdf/products/homepod/HomePod_PER_jan2018.pdf, Apple’s HomePod is now available to preorder, first orders arriving February 9

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