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Apple Will Set Up Your iPad for Free


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Jan 17, 2010
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Apple retail stores are offering a free Personal Setup service to every customer who buys an iPad in store. This free service will include configuring the iPad’s email, loading apps from the App Store, and much more. Also, from Saturday morning onwards, all US Apple Stores will be offering customers in-store iPad workshops to help them get the most out of the iPad’s many features, such as watching HD videos, playing games and browsing the web. I’m assuming that these workshops are free, as all Apple retail store workshops usually are. Here’s what Apple CEO Steve Jobs had to say about the launch in a statement issued by Apple:
“iPad connects users with their apps and contents in a far more intimate and fun way than ever before. We can’t wait for users to get their hands and fingers on it this weekend.â€
Nor can we Steve, nor can we!

By Maura Sutton

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