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Apple Will Refund Australian iPad Buyers Misled by 4G Advertising


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Following on from yesterday’s story about Australian authorities suing Apple for apparently misleading adverts for the new iPad, MacRumors reports that according to ABC News, Apple has offered refunds to customers in Australia who consider that they were misled by advertising to buy the new iPad, thinking that it would have a working 4G facility. Apple has also said that it will be sure to publish clarification so that customers are left in no doubt whatsoever about the new iPad’s 4G not being compatible with the Telstra network in Australia. However, Apple did also point out that the iPad is compatible with “other networks that by international standards are deemed 4G.â€

Meanwhile, in a separate story, MacRumors also reports that following on from the Australian 4G controversy, some European countries are also picking up on the issue, with The Wall Street Journal reporting that the Swedish Consumer Agency is thinking of starting an investigation into Apple’s marketing for the new iPad. And in the UK, Pocket-lint reports that the Advertising Standards Authority has also said that it has received complaints from the public about Apple’s marketing of the new iPad’s LTE capabilities, and it will consequently be looking into the matter further. MacRumors notes that the UK has very strict advertising standards, and has gone so far as to ban Apple adverts in the past due to misleading claims.

Source: Apple Offers iPad Refunds to Australian Customers Misled about 4G - Mac Rumors
Official Complaints Over '4G' Marketing of New iPad Taking Hold in Europe - Mac Rumors

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