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Apple wall charger/ Sync cable . . .


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Aug 29, 2011
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Albany, NY
I'm sure this has been discussed before but I did not see it in another thread.

Tip for other newbies like me: So I hate Apples 3 foot sync cable. I remember the days when tethering a camera, several times it would go flying off the table because the cord was so short.

I bought two Apple charger's at the Apple store yesterday (I have two ipad 2's). What I wanted was like a 6 foot sync cable, but what you get is the same stock cable and 10 watt charger that comes with the ipad and like a 6 or 8 foot (and it's thick) electrical cable that connects from the charger to the wall outlet for $29.99 each. Worse yet is you have to slide the two blades off the charger and slide in that 6 foot's connector back into the charger. Now you have this little piece (the blades) kicking around which I was sure to loose.

I needed a longer length for the times I'm in a hotel and want to watch Netflix on the ipad or thru Apples HDMI adapter (the charger can be also plugged into this adapter at the same time) to be viewed on the hotels large flat screen. That HDMI adapter was another Apple rip-off where we are forced to pay $39 for a cable that worth like $6 and should have been included with a $500 ipad.

They also had a Griffin usb to ipad cable, but it was 10 feet. And it's as thick as a magic marker for like $29 (without even a charger block).

Some people say they use a cheap knock off 6 foot cable or a usb extension off Amazon for a few bucks, but some posts on other sites also say they work hit or miss for syncing.

My guess is apple only certifies a 3 foot run for syncing or they would have made an optional 6 foot cable.

Either way, I returned both back to the Apple store and got my $60 plus tax back and went over to the Home Depot and bought 2 "white" 6 foot electrical extension cords for "$1.47" each!

Problem solved for $1.47 :)
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Aug 1, 2011
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North Carolina
:D Now why didn't I think of that! I spent the $29 for the apple charger with that big ol cord! I hate having to carry that around. Too late for me to return it, but still might go ahead and get a thin 4-6 ft extension cord.

Thanks for the info.

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