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Apple TV Inertnet Speed ?


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Feb 11, 2011
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I wonder if my DSL signal is strong enough to get good use out of Apple TV. Netflix shows up good on my TV from my iPad using the HDMI cable most of the time but YouTube videos usually take forever buffeting! What a pain. I use an app called Speed Test and i get about 5 Mbps as my download speed consistently.

So any Apple TV users out there care to post your wireless speed results and how well things like Netflix and YouTube work?

5 meg throughput is plenty for Netflix or Youtube. You probably have 7meg dsl service - check out YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.. Mabey do some tweaking to your wifi settings such as the channel / signal strength / mode / etc.
I have ethernet to my jb apple tv 2, and it streams flawlessly - even hulu worked until they switched authentication servers.
Some videos on youtube just dont stream well no matter what - I have 20/40meg dsl and still have issues w/certain videos. Netflix has been known to throttle their service to high-bandwith users also. Good luck
Thanks for the reply. I have the channel set to auto. And the mode set to 145 Mbps for the 2.4GHz and 300 Mbps for the 5G. It is a dual band wireless netgear router. I didn't see how to adjust the other setting you mentioned.
Ok, regarding your YouTube buffering issues - first the basics - do you buffer on a pc/laptop with Ethernet or just the iPad? Make sure you have the latest firmware on your router, powercycle your dsl modem, look for other wifi networks in range on the same channel (your channel is auto but you can manually change it somewhere in wireless setup) use a wifi scanner like wififofum to view them. My iPad 1 would occasionally seem very slow on my netgear 802.11n router - the fix would be to go to the wifi settings on the iPad, click on my wifi network, forget my network, and then reconnect to it - enter the password - and all was fast again. My router ended up dying and I got a wireless modem from qwest and have had no issues since, so it was prob the netgear.
You can also on your iPad go to settings, general, reset, reset network settings, and then reconnect - keep us posted!
I did some checking and we have the best package that AT&T currently offers in our area which is 3-6 Mbps. So if I'm getting 5 Mbps then I'm getting about as much as I'm going to get. Good news is that AT&T is switching us to U-verse and will offer packages 6-12, 12-18, or 18-24 Mbps. I'm not sure when that will take place but hopefully before too long. Thanks for your help...

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