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Apple to Build Biggest Ever Store in Grand Central Terminal, New York City


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Jun 7, 2010
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Cult of Mac has a report today exclusively confirming that Apple is planning to build a huge store in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. According to the story, the store should be open by September, and will be the biggest Apple store in the world, which is quite something! Cult of Mac’s anonymous source says that the shop will be called “Apple Store, Grand Centralâ€, and that Apple plans to announce it internally in the next month. As 2011 marks the 10th-year-anniversary of Apple retail, the source says that Apple wants to celebrate in a grand way by opening its most spectacular and impressive store yet. As Cult of Mac notes, Apple stores such as the one on Fifth Avenue, NYC, have an incredible turnover, with that particular store making more than any other Fifth Avenue store, and in fact making double what Tiffany & Co. Fifth Avenue makes.

Apple’s current largest retail space is the recently opened Covent Garden, London, store, which is around 40,000 square feet and four stories high, although only 16,372 square foot of that is accessible to the public.

Source: Confirmed: Apple To Build Biggest Store Yet In Grand Central Terminal [Exclusive] | Cult of Mac
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