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Apple Site Says Ships in 5 to 7 Days for 3G

Sonny Burnett

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Mar 7, 2010
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Boston, MA
Since the Apple site is now saying ships in 5 to 7 days for the iPad 3G, does this mean that they are no longer in short supply or is it because we are now past April 30th and they couldn't give a date of May 7th anymore?
From my experience, the ship dates on Apple's site are accurate. I have never had an item ship after Apple said it would and have had many items ship before they were scheduled.
I will let you know when my 3G ship's. Just placed the order yesterday, and was told 5-7 days, as expected.
Ships: 5 - 7 business days
Delivers: May 11 - May 15
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The big question is what the shipping wait will be in one week, or a month.
I ordered another 3G iPad yesterday also, so we shall see. My daughter "said" she didn't want one , until she got her hands on mine and her brothers! Then I had to order another !
Apple's store delivery date info

One should be aware that even though the date shown may be like 4 days or what ever on line once one places an order it will update as the system as now has your address. Keep in mind the Apple store(s) are dependent on stock so in other words if an Apple store ( any where in the world) does not receive stock sufficient to full fill orders it goes CTO ( customer to order ) In saying that it may also go to "back order" status until stock arrives from china ( like ipads). This varies from product to product In Australia we received laptops, imacs etc from Singapore factory and ipods etc and ipads from China. China some times provides iMac,s as well so delivery can shift for us from 7 - 10 days from order.
Best thing to do is "buy now" and see if the date changes before you put your hard earned cash down.
One more thing is the retail stores ie NON Apple owned, are NOT linked to Apple store they or through a different channel.
Hope that makes sense.... :D
I have been selling as a specialist reseller for more than 17 years and am familiar with how Apple's system works
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