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Apple Posts 14 iPad 2 Guided Tour Videos


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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GigaOm’s Apple Blog reports that Apple has posted 14 guided tour videos (see link below) showing off the many features of the new iPad 2, which is out this Friday, March 11. Among the videos, which really add up to a comprehensive and mouth-watering overview of the iPad 2, you can see software such as GarageBand (which will also work on the original iPad) and iMovie in action, as well as FaceTime and AirPlay, and that snazzy new Smart Cover also gets its pretty face in a lot of the footage!

Some of the features are already included in the current iPad of course, such as Safari, Mail, iBooks, iPod, Photos, videos, iTunes, Maps and the App Store, but it’s still cool to see the new iPad 2 in action ahead of the launch on Friday, and you can really see how much thinner it is too. FaceTime, in particular, looks like it could be a huge selling point, especially when it’s shown as effectively as it is here.

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