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Apple logo, no buttons working..


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Jun 11, 2010
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Hi everybody!

I had jailbroken iPad with loads of apps and games.
But lately some of them wouldnt lounch.
I decieded to reset device to factory settings. (now i know i chose the wrong way:)))

Here is what i did:
Settings->Reset->Reset settings and content.
(sorry i might translate these words wrong from my mother language i use in ipad, but i think general meaning is shown)

Then progress bar appeared. After the apple logo appeared and no buttons respond.
The only option i found playing with them is to hold power and home buttons together. It switches off a display for a moment, then apple logo appears again. Remaining holding the buttons switches off ipad. Switching it on only brings the apple logo back with no working buttons.

I tried to wire it up to check itunes, but Windows didnt even show USB device connected. So itunes doesnt see ipad connected...

What is it and how to fix it?:)))

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