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Apple iPad 3 rumored to be appearing at CES this week


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Jan 17, 2010
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The first cases of CES hysteria have been reported. We’re already hearing some stories how some visitors had a random encounter with the next generation iPad and did not even realize it. How can this be, you might be asking?

It seems that technology blog, iLounge is following some leads. This week it reported that the iPad 3 is present at the convention and that the new comer looks identical to the iPad 2 only it’s thicker with 1 mm. The camera in the left corner seems to have been improved and is now more similar to the one we can find on the iPhone 4S. This story is corroborated by a bizarre Japanese report which states that two Apple manufacturing partners, Foxconn and Pegatron, have already started working on the next iPad and that the first shipments are planned for March.

There is no picture to validate what the guys of iLounge are stating but that’s because the differences become obvious only when the iPad 2 and iPad 3 are placed in close proximity to one another, they say. The screen has received the biggest makeover, apparently but of course iLounge didn’t stay long enough to witness any real action.

Curiously, iLounge states that the model they saw is not a new born. They estimate the age to be of 6 months. That’s not surprising considering how much time requires for these devices take to be assembled, so the real possibility is that Apple has added some subtle tweaks to the iPad 2. End of story.

Source: blogs.computerworld.com

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