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Apple Hosting New In-Store Creative Workshops


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Apple launches new in store creative workshops.JPG

Cnet reports that Apple wants to encourage iPhone and iPad owners to use their devices for creative pursuits by launching a new program of in-store creative workshops.

The new workshops aim to teach iPhone and iPad users to get the best out of a range of creative image apps. One workshop is designed to help amateur iPhone photographers to get to grips with the iPhone camera.

"We'll help you try out various accessories and techniques—like long exposure for light trails, using Time-lapse to show progression, or getting up close with nature using a macro lens," said Apple. "Then, we'll explore artistic ways to adjust and edit your photos, so you can create a work of art, find your style, or just improve your skills."

Apple is also promoting a workshop that is specifically for iPad artists, and that will teach sketching, drawing, and painting techniques on the tablet. Also, as part of Apple’s Get Inspired to Start Something New program, the artwork of illustrators, digital artists, and photographers will be displayed both in store and on Apple.com.

Apple will be holding an event on Thursday, January 7, at the Apple Store, West 14th Street in New York, where artists such as Tiffany Bozic, Jake Sargeant, William Hundley, Greg Barth, and Bernhard Lang will be discussing their work and explaining how they use their iPhones, iPads, and Macs, to produce art.

Sources: Apple has art tips for a budding Ansel Adams or Pablo Picasso - CNET

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Feb 21, 2013
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Im lucky i guess. Im only 15 minutes from an Apple store. In fact im headed there tomorrow to buy a 6s plus.

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