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Apple Bluetooth Keyboard


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Mar 2, 2010
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When I pre-ordered my iPad I also ordered some accessories including a bluetooth keyboard. I bought it with an extra dock instead of the keyboard dock. I think it will be more convenient to use this way.

It arrived last week. I was surprised at how compact it is. It is going to make a great travel keyboard. I paired it with my Mac Pro and have been using it ever since. Other than missing the numeric pad, I really like the feel of this keyboard. I like it enough that I am going to use it from now on instead of my older full sized bluetooth keyboard. Since it can pair with multiple devices, I will just turn off the bluetooth on the Mac Pro and turn it on on the iPad when it needs it.

Anyone else have the latest Apple bluetooth keyboard or plan on getting one?
Thanks Wot Fan!!!

You just confirmed my thoughts. Was contemplating buying the keyboard (already bought the extra dock with plans to use it as a charging stand while at the office) & looks like the size and portability is exactly what I wanted from the keyboard.

Iv'e been using the aluminum bluetooth wireless keyboard for many months now and wont part with it for anything, unless Apple updates the model.

That being said, I too ordered the dock for the iPad, but got the dock with built in keyboard, so that I wouldn't have to share my one with both the iMac and iPad simultaneously. :ipad-keyboard::ipad-back:

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