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Apple adds two more eBook Publishers


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Jan 17, 2010
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CNN announces that Apple has two more eBook publishers on board the iPad bandwagon. The latest publishers are Perseus, which is the largest independent book publisher and Workman. Apple now has agreements in place with 5 of the 6 largest book publishers.

Random House, the world's largest book publisher has yet to sign with Apple because of pricing concerns. According to the Financial Times, they fear Apple's pricing model for eBooks and feel it will take away from publisher profits. We'll see if Steve Jobs can work some magic, and get a deal reached before the iPad release on April 3rd.

Apple is using the same revenue and pricing model currently in place on the App Store. The publisher will be able to set the pricing of the ebook and Apple takes a 30% cut of revenue. Is this a good business model? Let us know your thoughts!
I do not understand!!
I guess I have not purchased any ebooks yet, what is the average price that Amazon charges for an ebook??

On another post it said that ~75% of the books on iBooks will be $9.99.

Apple is planning on taking a 30% cut and the publisher is setting the price. If Random House has an in demand author for something like say Harry Potter I am going to buy the last book in the series if it is $11.99 or $9.99. It is not a free market where all 6 big book companies can print Harry Potter books so how will this cause a price war.

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