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App Store Not Downloading Apps or Updates


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Mar 9, 2012
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App Store Not Downloading Purchased Apps or Updates

I seem to have encountered a problem with the App Store. For some reason, whenever I try to download an app or an update to an app, the App Store would ask me to sign in - even though I'm already signed in prior.

When I sign in, a notification pops up saying that I need to sign in. Even after signing in, it still asks me to sign in - see the problem here? It's basically just looping into itself!

I tried signing out of the Store and signing back in in the Settings menu - it works just fine. However, it doesn't seem to work with the App Store for some reason.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


EDIT: My parents bought a new router yesterday, would that be the reason why it's not working properly?

EDIT 2: After respringing and restarting my iPad, I've noticed three things: I can download a new app just fine. If I try to download an app from the Purchased tab, it asks me to sign in in an endless loop. If I try to update an app, a notification pops up saying that it is outdated, and refreshing the update list doesn't even do anything (I don't think it even does anyway!!).

EDIT 3: I was able to update my apps by going into the iTunes store on my computer and syncing the updates to my iPad. Still annoying though.
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