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App Migration


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Feb 23, 2010
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North Carolina
I own an iPod Touch and I was currious about one thing. I have an App that I use to read ebooks. (There is no DRM issue in play.) When I sync my iPod to my PC, iTunes backs up my Apps and the data, in this case the books. If I have to do a restore, iTunes restores the Apps and the data. I heard that I will be allowed to transfer my existing Apps to the iPad. Would this transfer also transfer the data, in this case the books? If so, how would I do this? I assume I would need to use my iPod backup in iTunes on my PC.

All book sale sites allow download to several safe keeping devices registered with then. In the case of Sony, 6 devices are allowed, computers, external hard drives etc.
I believe Mr Jobs in his keynote mentioned that the iPad could be made to sync with your computer...
Interesting question .... For example i have register in the same Itunes account :1 Ipod 4 gen, 1 Iphone 2g, 1 Iphone 3g, 1 Iphone 3Gs, all iphone share the same application and all share the music, contact and calendar are separate for different user so of course i will do the same for the Ipad as we will have at least 2

So my question is do i will arrive like with the Iphone to to have different application for the same Itunes account but different devices i guess it yes but ... who know more than a guess ??
This is something I was wondering too....I want to know if I can plug in the iPad and sync all my apps to it...that would be very nice. I know I'll be able to install the apps I already bought, but it would be great to have everything immediately after opening it up.
All (with exceptions)

If the iPad syncing works like the iPod/iPhone then the answer should be yes. The only exceptions would be Apps that Apple has flagged as Non-iPad for some reason.

It should also work in the reverse, Apps you buy for the iPad that are not exclusively built for it should also transfer to and run on your iPod/iPhone. Apps that will not will be flag as iPad only, just like some Apps are flagged for specific generations of iPhone/iPod.
The only exceptions would be Apps that Apple has flagged as Non-iPad for some reason.

This will be the apps that normally use the iPhone's camera or phone functionnality :)

Otherwise yes, we should be able to transfer apps and data as usual.

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