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anyone who is in U.K have a link for the cheapest Apple cam connetion kit


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Mar 28, 2012
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I have been looking all over for the best deal on a official genuine apple camera connection kit as even though i have a car reader+hub that connects to my ipad and the other end connects to pc it doesnt work and I dont want to just jump in and buy a genuine cam kit from any site as obviously there is one out there at a great price as i have saw some sites with one price yet other sites with a different price I could buy a apple cam kit at whatever price but i dont want to get ripped off know what i mean and if you know of any site where you reckon is the cheapest price for a genuine apple camera connection kit I would deeply appreciate your info in regards to this. Thankyou
I was going to get a genuine one, but I got a 3rd party one off eBay for less than £6 pounds last year when I got my iPad2 and it works a treat.

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Yes there is loads on eBay you can even get the hdmi port built in if you search hard enough, I'd go with eBay instead for value for money.

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