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Anyone here using the Apple TV out cables?


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May 26, 2010
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If so are you using the standard or RGB component? How does it work?
I bought cheap $5 ebay cables hoping the jb apps like TVOut2 would let me pump out video without having to fork over $$ for Apple cables. But in the end the cheap cables just don't work. There are some workaround using paid Cydia apps like Resupported but they aren't iPad compatible and in the end I figured it would just be easier to buy the Apple cables pre-owned on ebay. I found them for $24 shipped with a wall charger and extra usb cable. A lot better than $49 retail! http://cgi.ebay.com/Apple-Composite-AV-Cable-MB129LL-B-/360234680191

The ones you linked look like 3rd party but they do indicate they are have the Apple Licensed Chipset so you should be good. I would still recommend TVOut2 if you are jail-broken so you can view any app or video on your TV.
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All i want to be able to do is watch a movie on a hotel tv....they should work, no?
Yea they should work since they have the Apple Licensed chipset.

The only time you would need the jailbreak with TVOut2 is if you wanted video out in an unsupported app. That could be a game or something like AirShare or Springboard itself for presentation purposes. I think Netflix is officially supported with video out now as is Youtube and obviously all iPod functions.
Well I am JB so I could do that if I needed to.
I use the Belkin model that has thicker cables than Apple uses, and so far I'm very happy with it.
Me too! Mine should be here soon I would imagine. When did you order yours?
Oh haha....did you base your purchase off my link or something? lol
Me too, you should have waited and let me be the guinea pig. lol

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