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anyone buying applecare+ on ipad air 2?

delirium trigger

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Nov 3, 2014
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I got mine new iPad from Verizon, the 10 dollar a month thing is what I pay. Covers everything. I do the edge program, so I get the new iPad every year, or when 60% of it is paid, I upgrade. The 10 dollar program they have covers more than apple care. Since apple care comes with the device for one year, I will be upgrading by then anyway.

Before the edge program, I would have never thought about buying an LTE iPad. I would just stick with wifi and go cheaper.

But considering, I get a new iPad every year, and I only pay 30 dollars a month for a 128GB with LTE, it's worth it.

Always get Applecare on your Mac's though! I made that mistake a few times. I got to remember to get it on my new retina macbook pro before the year is up.


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Jun 29, 2013
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Knock on wood, I'm very careful with my devices. I haven't purchased Apple care for the tablets. I did for my iphone 6. It cost more and it feels more delicate. It was also slippery until I put on a very lightweight cover.

Brian 244

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Oct 20, 2014
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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
I bought Apple Care + and I repair iPad displays on a regular basis. I think it's worth the peace of mind. The Air 2 has the LCD and touch screen fused together and will be an expensive repair if the glass breaks ( I think the parts alone range from $175 - $250). Also the Lightning port is soldered to the logic board which equals another costly repair if anything happens. Plus, the Home button / touch ID cannot be replaced if damaged. All iin all as awesome as the Air 2 is, the repairability is low. Applecare guarantees that if anything happens in the next couple of years, I've got little to worry about.

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