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Another newbie here!


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Jul 12, 2011
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New york
Hello all. I've had my iPad for a couple of weeks now and am thoroughly enjoying it. As one other users posted, one of the main problems I've had is getting it away from my 8 and 9 year old kids who are also loving it!

I'm not too computer savvy so I'm fumbling my way along. One of the reasons I picked the iPad over other tablets is their reputation for user-friendliness. If at all possible, I didn't want to have to wait for my spouse to help me with everything.

I'm learning bits and pieces along the way but I know I've got a long way to go. My current goal is trying to get my email contacts from our Winmail account on the laptop to my iPad. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Good to hear from you. You’ll find a whole bunch of iPad enthusiasts in this Forum who are only too willing to help other iPad owners and to hear of their experiences. Don’t be afraid to post any questions you may have or use the ‘Search’ button near the top of the Forum web page. I usually find I discover one new interesting and useful piece of information about my iPad every day - and often not even what I was looking for!!

Hope to hear from you soon with your thoughts about the iPad.

Have fun and enjoy your iPad

I saw your Winmail question; I'm sure someone will be along soon to help.

If you don’t already have it you can download a copy of the iPad manual for free.

Apple - Support - Manuals

Please read the rules too!!



I'm not familiar with WinMail, but if you can sync your contacts on the laptop with Google, then you ca also sycn the iPad with Google. This makes a good combination.

To set up a Google account on the iPad that will sync contacts, you need to set it up as an Exchange account. Here's how you do that.

Setting up Google Sync with your iOS device : Mail, Calendar, & Contacts - Google Mobile Help

I don't know how you would do it with WinMail, but I bet there is a way. If you can't actually sync the contacts, then if you can export them as .csv or vCard files then you can import them into Google Contacts and sync back to the iPad that way.

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