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Another MobileRead refugee...


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Apr 16, 2010
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London, UK
Hey there.

I see a couple of other MobileRead members on here; been looking for a site where I can discuss iPad and its potential uses without getting sidetracked by all the haters - you know, the whole "no flash = fail", "if it glows it blows", "reading on an iPad will make your eyes bleed" etc... etc...

I'm in the UK so won't have my hands on an iPad for about six weeks, so very keen to read other users experiences; hopefully I'll be able to contribute something as well.

Cheers from London, Pete

I have pretty much left Mobileread as well, it's a shame the mods don't try to make the Apple Device forum a safe place for iPad users.... Oh well.

The iBooks section on this forum is pretty slow, but over time it will pick up.....

I do hate it that Apple delayed the UK launch. I understand why they did it, but it still is a pain. Hope you are able to get one soon, and that it will be worth the wait, I know mine is :)
Welcome to the site, hope to see you around!:) I've heard of mobileread but never went on it.
We keep things very positive here, I think you will be happy...enjoy!
Thanks guys. I've enjoyed lurking for a short while, and expect to have plenty of questions once iPad is launched in 'Rest of World'; I'll be pre-ordering on May 10th, that's for sure - assuming Apple isn't totally stupid re international pricing of course!

Cheers, Pete

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