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Animal War RPS!! New 2P Rock Paper Scissors Game!


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Jun 9, 2010
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A newly updated version of Rock Paper Scissors!! Everyone knows how to play this traditional game, but the question is do YOU know how to play this even more exciting arcade style!!

For individual player, you have two choices of difficulties: Classic and Extreme.

Classic: Basic RPS game mode with unlockable enemies!

Extreme: All enemies are present at the beginning with intense path!!

The iPad version now also offers players multiple player mode: 2P Survival and 2P Head to Head reaction mode.

2P Survival: Play against your friends or families in the extreme mode. The difficulty is even harder than the individual extreme mode!!

2P HH: A brand new 2P mode, which two players fight for the first one to beat the target enemies!! Who got the better reaction?! You can find out from here!!

Animal War RPS for iPad on the iTunes App Store



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