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android or webos phones as webcam for ipad 1


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Jun 30, 2011
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My wife bought me an iPad 1 about a month ago, as a birthday/fathers day gift. She went with the 1 because it was much more affordable (and it was still twice her budget), so, the 2 was not an option.

Of all the upgraded features the 2 has, the webcam is the one I miss. I had originally hoped for a 2, so we could webcam with the grandparents more easily.

I was VERY surprised to learn that no one had actually released a webcam for the iPad 1 (some were I'm the works, none were anticipated under $150, and none actually made it to market.

I then learned that you use your iPhone as a webcam for sky ping etc with the iPad 1. I am on Sprint, whom I am not planning to leave, and who does not carry the iPhone. Since WebOS and Android are my only other real options, I figured I would check to see if anyone had a fix to let a non-iPhone work as a webcam for the iPad. If not, has anyone come up with a way to retrofit a webcam to an iPad?

The problem is that the USB connection on the iPad has a very limited current drive capability and cannot support many peripherals. If you look back through the posts on this Forum about webcams and the iPad1 the general consensus is that it is simply not possible. However, Skype works fine on the iPad1 - albeit with audio only.

But the iPhone can be used as a BT camera and webcam with the iPad, so was wondering if there might be a way to do same with a non iPhone.

Unfortunately, the point is video Skype with the grandparents. Can get just audio with the phone.

Hoping Sprint gets the iPhone in the fall so I can rectify this.


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