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Alphabetical Event Name in Calendar App


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Dec 21, 2010
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Dear All,

Happy Xmas to everyone.....

I have an unusual question regarding events in the calendar application on the iPad.

I have two different calendar names for two different people's events which sync to my iPad via MobileMe. There is no problem with the sync process, but when the events arrive, they are sorted reverse alphabetically......in other words, if I had a meeting with Jack on 3 October 2010 at 13:30, and my partner had a meeting with Kevin at the same time on the same day, the App would display the 2nd event first on that day.

This would be no problem if the App sorted the whole calendar name alphabetically as it does in iCal on the Mac OS X. But, when it sorts specific events in this way rather than the whole calendar, it mixes up the calendar events depending on who is meeting with whom. On the OS X, you can see the whole of one person's calendar in one column. On the iPad, you see different calendars mixed up.

Is there any way to stop this sort, or to include a sort for the calendar name???

Kindest regards,


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