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All-In-One Breeding Guide


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Apr 6, 2012
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Welcome to the iPadForums Dragonvale All-In-One Breeding Guide!

This was originally started by f4780y, but due to his other commitments, he was not able to update this awesome thread regularly as he wants to, so from now on, I'm very honour to take over what he has started.

Once you reach Level 7 in Dragonvale you unlock the ability to breed dragons to produce new types of hybrid. This is a much more cost effective way of getting the more advanced dragons than purchasing them with gold or gems! :D Many of our threads have this information scattered around them, but this is intended to be the "one stop shop" for new or experienced players needing a quick reference guide for breeding their dragons!

TIP - When you are just starting out it can be useful to use the "Goals" screen to get suggestions for the type of dragon you may like to try breeding next!

How to use this guide:
Elements or dragons needed are shown in [blue], breeding time are shown in [green] and with the upgraded breeding cave/island you may shorten the standard breeding time by 20% are shown in [violet] with square brackets to help you identify whether your breeding combination has worked.
e.g. Evergreen Dragon = [Plant + Cold] [10h][8h]

Suggested combo are mark with *, this are given to reduce your time of waiting if you fail to get your target dragon.
e.g. to bred an Evergreen Dragon, you only need dragon that have Plant and Cold elements, you can simply breed Plant Dragon with Cold Dragon, but the fail is always Lichen Dragon, which is 6hrs breeding, so if you don't want to always wait for 6hrs every time you fail, the suggested combo is Flower+Lichen, so that the fail can also be Poison or Flower which is only 30mins or 1hr breeding, so you can try for more. I'll only give a maximum of 2 combo on this 1st post to make this short and simple, I will post other combos from separate post from this thread when there is a new dragon release and update the first post with only two combo, so subscribe to this thread to get notified if there is a new update.

Remember! Some dragons are really hard to bred, especially for Epic, Opposite and Gemstone dragons. The suggested combo is only given to eliminate the long fails. You can use your own combo as long as the required elements or dragon are there. What is best for others may not be best for you, likewise what is best for you may not be best for others. So it's really about minimizing your losses until you're lucky enough to succeed.
As the Wizard says: "It is possible bred every dragon with the right combinations and enough patience" ;)

Spoiler Warning!
Part of the fun in Dragonvale is finding out which combinations of dragons produce which hybrid. If you are the sort of person that likes to work things out for yourself, navigate away from this page now! All the basic breeding secrets are about to be exposed, although all the helpful hints you need are there when you look at each dragon in the market! ;)

Dragons will be categorized in 8 categories... Basic Dragons, Common Hybrid Dragons, Uncommon Hybrid Dragons, Opposite Dragons, Limited-time Dragons, Epic Dragons, Gemstone Dragons and Legendary Dragon.
Note: Order or position of the dragons has no effect on the result. Dragons at level 15 and higher give better odds in breeding rare, epic and gemstone dragons. As of Update 2.0, breeding two of the same dragon will NOT guarantee same dragon. Minimum level required for dragon to breed is level4.

Basic Dragons:
-These are the single element dragons, and need to obtained by purchasing it in the market with Dragon Cash (DC) before you can begin breeding its hybrid. (Except for Air Dragon)

Air Dragon = Buy it for 750,000DC (may also bred with Fire+Water) [2h][1h36m]
Cold Dragon = Buy it for 30,000DC [12h][9h36m]
Dark Dragon= Buy it for 3,000,000DC (may also bred with Rift+Rift) [13h][10h24m]
Earth Dragon = Buy it for 75DC [5mins][4mins]
Fire Dragon = Buy it for 500DC [2h][1h36m]
Light Dragon = Buy it for 2,000,000DC (may also bred with Rift+Rift) [10h][8h]
Lightning Dragon = Buy it for 75,000DC [30mins][24mins]
Metal Dragon = Buy it for 1,000,000DC [8h][6h24m]
Plant Dragon = Buy it for100DC [15secs][12secs]
Water Dragon = Buy it for 500,000DC [4h][3h12m]
Rift Dragons = Can only obtained as a reward from casting Light or Dark Magic while the "Return of Light and Dark dragon" event is in progress.

Common Hybrid Dragons:
-These are dragons that have two elements, they are permanent dragon and are original part of the game or update when new element was introduced

Blazing = [Air + Fire] (may also produce Smoke) [8h][6h24m]
*Air + Fire
*Fire + Smoke
Brass = [Metal + Fire] (may also produce Forge or Gold) [5h][4h]
*Metal + Fire
*Fire + Forge
Cactus = [Plant + Lightning] (may also produce Ash) [30mins][24mins]
*Plant + Lightning
*Lightning + Ash
Cave= [Dark + Earth] (may also produce Root) [11h][8h48m]
*Dark + Earth
Chrome = [Metal + Air] (may also produce Meteor) [5h][4h]
*Metal + Air
Coral = [Water + Fire] (may also produce Air or Salamander) [11h30m][9h12m]
*Water + Fire
Crystal = Lightning + Earth] (may also produce Quake) [24h][19h12m]
*Lightning + Earth
Dark Rift = [Dark Rift + Dark Rift] (may also produce Dark) [48h][38h24m]
*Dark Rift + Dark RiftDungeon = [Dark + Fire] (may also produce Watch) [15h][12h]
*Dark + Fire
= [Fire + Light] (may also produce Heat) [8h][6h24m]
*Fire + Light
Firefly = [Lightning + Fire] (may also produce Scorch) [3h][2h24m]
*Lightning + Fire
Flower = [Fire + Plant] (may also produce Poison and Pepper) [1h][48mins]
*Fire + Plant
Fog = [Water + Air] (may also produce Rain) [8h][6h24m]
*Air + Water
*Water + Rain
Forest = [Plant + Earth] (may also produce Tree and Moss) [4h][3h12m]
*Earth + Flower
*Fire + Tree
Fungus= [Plant + Dark] (may also produce Nightshade) [13h][10h24m]
*Plant + Dark
Glass = [Light + Earth] (may also produce Sand) [12h30m][10h]
*Light + Earth
Heat = [Light + Fire] (may also produce Ember) [12h][9h36m]
*Light + Fire
Ice = [Cold + Water] (may also produce Iceberg) [8h][6h24m]
*Cold + Water
*Water + Iceberg
Iron = [Metal + Earth] (may also produce Scoria) [4h][3h12m]
*Metal + Earth
*Earth + Scoria
Lava = [Fire + Earth] (may also produce Obsidian) [10h][8h]
*Fire + Earth
*Earth + Obsidian
Lichen = [Cold + Plant] (may also produce Evergreen) [6h][4h48m]
*Cold + Plant
*Plant + Evergreen
Light Rift = [Light Rift + Light Rift] (may also produce Light) [48h][38h24m]
*Light Rift + Light Rift
= [Light + Plant] (may also produce Meadow) [13h][10h24m]
*Light + Plant
Magnetic = [Lightning + Metal] (may also produce Copper and Electrum) [4h][3h12m]
*Lightning + Metal
*Metal + Copper
Meadow = [Plant + Light](may also produce Luminous)[9h][7h12m]
*Plant + Light
Mine = [Cold + Metal] (may also produce Steel and Silver) [10h][8h]
*Cold + Metal
*Metal + Steel
Moss = [Earth + Plant] (may also produce Forest and Tree) [12h][9h36m]
*Earth + Plant
*Earth + Poison
Mountain = [Cold + Earth] (may also produce Glacier) [14h][11h12m]
*Cold + Earth
*Glacier + Cold
Mud = [Earth + Water] (may also produce River)[6h][4h48m]
*Earth + Water
*Earth + River
Nightshade= [Dark + Plant] (may also produce Fungus) [13h30m][10h48m]
*Dark + Plant
Pepper = [Fire + Plant] (may also produce Flower and Poison) [6h][4h48m]
*Fire + Plant
Poison = [Plant + Fire] (may also produce Flower and Pepper) [30mins][24mins]
*Plant + Fire
Quake = [Earth + Lightning] (may also produce Crystal) [6h][4h48m]
*Earth + Lightning
*Lightning + Tree
Root= [Earth + Dark] (may also produce Cave) [9h][7h12m]
*Earth + Dark
Rust = [Water + Metal] (may also produce QuickSilver and Platinum) [6h][4h48m]
*Water + Metal
*Metal + QuickSilver
Salamander = [Fire + Water] (may also produce Air or Coral) [9h30m][7h36m]
*Fire + Water
Sand = [Earth + Light] (may also produce Glass) [6h30m][5h12m]
*Earth + Light
Scorch = [Fire + Lightning] (may also produce Firefly) [3h][2h24m]
*Fire + Lightning
Seaweed = [Water + Plant] (may also produce Swamp) [5h][4h]
*Water + Plant
*Water + Poison
Snow = [Cold + Air] (may also produce Blizzard) [8h][6h24m]
*Cold + Air
Sonic = [Air + Lightning] (may also produce Thunder) [8h][6h24m]
* Air + Lightning
*Thunder + Lightning
Storm = [Lightning + Cold] (may also produce Hail, Sun or Moon) [5h][4h]
*Lightning + Cold
*Hail + Lightning
Swamp = [Plant + Water] (may also produce Seaweed) [9h][7h12m]
*Plant + Water
*Water + Poison
Tree = [Plant + Earth] (may also produce Forest and Moss) [14h][11h12m]
*Earth + Plant
*Earth + Poison
Watch = [Fire + Dark] (may also produce Dungeon) [7h48m][6h14m24s]
*Fire + Dark
Willow = [Air + Plant] (may also produce Pollen) [8h][6h24m]
*Air + Plant
*Plant + Pollen

Uncommon Hybrid Dragons:
-These dragons also have two elements and are permanent dragon but they are not originally part of the game or was not added the same time the new element was introduced, they are just added as part of a separate update. They have lower chance of being bred than their common hybrid counterpart when breeding with two basic dragons. There was a special breeding rule for Uncommon Dragon but was removed from the game since August 8, 2013

Ash = [Lightning + Plant] (may also produce Cactus) [6h][4h48m]
*Lightning + Plant
Blizzard Dragon = [Air + Cold] (may also produce Snow) [10h][8h]
*Air + Cold
Copper = [Metal + Lightning] (may also produce Magnetic and Electrum) [20h][16h]
*Cactus + Magnetic
*Ash + Magnetic
Evergreen = [Plant + Cold] (may also produce Lichen) [10h][8h]
*Flower + Lichen
*Poison + Lichen
Forge = [Fire + Metal] (may also produce Brass and Gold) [24h][19h12m]
*Brass + Flower
*Brass + Poison
Glacier = [Earth + Cold] (may also produce Mountain) [10h][8h]
*Air + Mountain
*Air + Ghost
Hail Dragon = [Cold + Lightning] [8h][6h24m] (may also produce Storm, Sun or Moon)
*Firefly + Storm
*Scorch + Storm
Iceberg = [Water + Cold] (may also produce Ice) [8h][6h24m]
*Water + Cold
Meteor = [Air+Metal] (may also produce Chrome) [14h][11h12m]
*Air + Metal
Obsidian = [Earth + Fire] (may also produce Lava) [8h][6h24m]
*Fire + Mud
*Lava + Mud
Pollen = [Plant + Air] (may also produce Willow) [7h][5h36m]
*Air + Cactus
*Plant + Sonic
QuickSilver = [Metal + Water] (may also produce Rust and Platinum) [18h][14h24m]
*Metal + Water
Rain = [Air + Water] (may also produce Fog) [8h][6h24m]
*Air + Mud
River = [Water+Earth] (may also produce Mud) [13h][10h24m]
*Water + Mud
Scoria = [Earth + Metal] (may also produce Iron) [22h][17h36m]
*Earth + Metal
Smoke = [Fire + Air] (may also produce Blazing) [14h][11h12m]
*Air + Firefly
*Scorch + Sonic
Steel = [Metal + Cold] (may also produce Mine and Silver) [14h][11h12m]
*Air + Mine
*Chrome + Cold
Thunder = [Lightning+Air] (may also produce Sonic) [8h30m][6h48m]
*Lightning + Air
*Air + Cactus

Opposite Dragons:
-These are dragons that have opposite elements, such as fire/cold, water/lightning, air/earth, metal/plant.
-These dragons cannot be breed directly with their 2 basic elements, it should be 1 basic dragon and 1 hybrid dragon.

Note: Breeding Opposite Dragon with one of its basic element dragon will result to a basic dragon.
e.g. Sandstorm + Air or Sandstorm + Earth will result to either Air or Earth dragon.

Bluefire = [Fire + Cold Hybrid] [12h][9h36m]
*Fire + Lichen
*Fire + Evergreen
Current = [Water + Lightning Hybrid] [16h][12h48m]
*Water + Scorch
*Water + Firefly
Dodo = [Earth + Air Hybrid] [16h][12h48m]
*Earth + Fog
*Earth + Rain
Frostfire = [Cold + Fire Hybrid] [12h][9h36m]
*Cold + Poison
*Cold + Flower
Ironwood = [Plant + Metal Hybrid] [12h][9h36m]
*Plant + Chrome
Malachite = [Metal + Plant Hybrid] [12h][9h36m]
*Metal + Pollen
*Metal + Willow
Plasma = [Lightning + Water Hybrid] [16h][12h48m]
*Lightning + Seaweed
*Lightning + Swamp
Sandstorm = [Air + Earth Hybrid] [2h][1h36m]
* Air + Mud

Limited-time Dragons:
-These dragons are like normal dragons but they are only available to be bred during a small window of days/weeks. Limited Dragons are often associated with holidays and special events.

Note: Dragons that are greyed out means the dragon is already expired and can no longer be bred except if you breed two of the same dragon.

Note: Equinox, Lunar Eclipse and Solar Eclipse when breed with each other or breed with Solstice or BlueMoon will result to either of the pair even if it is already expired.

= [Cold + Plant + Lightning + Metal] [20h12m][16h10m](End of Mayan Calendar)
*Lichen + Magnetic
*Cactus + Mine
Autumn = [Air + Cold + Fire] [24h][19h12m] (Autumn Season)
*Blazing + Blizzard
*Snow + Smoke
Bloom = [Storm + Plant] [13h][10h24m] (Easter)
*Ash + Storm
*Cactus + Storm
Blue Moon = [Cold + Lightning] [29h31m48s][23h37m26s] (once in a Blue Moon)
*Firefly + Storm
*Scorch + Storm
Bone = [Fire + Earth] [10h][8h] (Halloween)
*Fire + Mud
*Lava + Water
Bouquet = [Flower + Water] [9h][7h12m] (Mother's Day)
*Flower + Water
*Flower + Swamp
Bearded = [Mountain + Metal] [15h][12h] (Father's Day)
*Mountain + Metal
*Mountain + Iron
Butterfly = [Firefly + Air] [12h][9h36m]
*Firefly + Air
*Firefly + Sonic
Celtic = [Storm + Plant] [17h][13h36m] (St. Patrick's Day)
*Storm + Flower
*Storm + Poison
Century = [Earth + Cold + Water] [10h][8h] (100th Dragon)
*Cold + Mud
*Moutain + Water
Clover = [Moss + Plant] [7h][5h36m] (St.Patrick's Day)
*Moss + Flower
*Moss + Poison
Cotton = [Plant + Fire + Earth + Lightning] [24h][19h12m] (DV's 2nd Anniv.)
*Crystal + Poison
*Cactus + Lava
Equinox = [Blazing + Water] [24h][19h12m] (Equinox-March/September)
*Blazing + Fog
*Blazing + Rain
Firework = [Air + Fire] [6h][4h48m] (The 4th of July)
*Blazing + Air
*Smoke + Fire
Ghost = [Cold + Earth] [15h30m][12h24m] (Halloween)
*Cold + Mud
*Mountain + Water
Gift = [Plant + Fire + Cold] [12h25m][9h56m] (Christmas Season)
*Flower + Lichen
*Poison + Evergreen
Leap Year = [any 4 different elements] [14h30m][11h36m] (Leap Year)
Firefly + Seaweed
Scorch + Swamp
Liberty = [Copper + Air] [29h49m][23h51m12s] (4th of July)
*Copper + Air
*Copper + Sonic
Love = [Flower + Lightning] [5h][4h] (Valentine's Day)
*Flower + Cactus
*Flower + Ash
Lunar Eclipse = [Cold + Earth + Air] [48h][38h24m] (Lunar Eclipse)
*Air + Mountain
*Air + Ghost
Motley = [Fire + Plant] [13h][10h24m] (April Fool's Day)
*Fire + Plant
*Flower + Poison
Panlong = [Water + Earth + Fire + Air] [36h][28h48m] (Year of the Dragon)
*Mud + Smoke
*Fog + Lava
Paper = [Fire + Plant + Earth + Cold] [12h][9h36m] (Dragonvale's Anniversary)
*Flower + Mountain
*Lava + Lichen
Reindeer = [Cold + Plant] [5h][4h] (Christmas Season)
*Flower + Lichen
*Poison + Lichen
Rose = [Flower + Air] [14h][11h12m] (Valentine's Day)
*Flower + Air
*Flower + Pollen
Sakura = [Flower + Tree] [10h][8h] (Cherry Blossom Festival)
*Flower + Tree
Solar Eclipse = [Air + Fire + Earth] [48h][38h24m] (Solar Eclipse)
*Air + Lava
*Air + Obsidian
Solstice = [Blazing + Earth] [23h30m][18h48m] (Summer and Winter Solstice)
*Blazing + Lava
*Blazing + Obsidian
Spring = [Cold + Fire + Lightning] [24h][19h12m] (Spring Season)
*Firefly + Storm
*Scorch + Hail
Summer = [Fire + Lightning + Water] [24h][19h12m] (Summer Season)
*Firefly + Salamander
*Scorch + Coral
Terradiem = [Earth + Water + Air] [24h][19h12m] (Earth's Day)
*Air + Mud
*Air + River
Zombie = [Meteor + Earth] [20][16h] (Halloween)
*Meteor + Earth

Epic Dragons:
-these dragons has its own element and special habitat. They have low success rate, so you have to keep trying. Some of these dragons are limited such as Leap Year, BlueMoon, Equinox, Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse and Solstice so I put them in Limited Dragons category.

(Gold, Silver, and Bronze)
= [Earth + Lightning + Air] [35h][28h]
*Air + Quake
*Air + Crystal
Cyclops = [Lightning + Metal + Water] [33h][26h24m]
*Cactus + Rust
*Ash + Quicksilver
Note: Breeding two different type of Olympus Dragon together will result to the more common of the pair.
The order from rare to common (Gold, Cyclops, Silver, Bronze)
Gold Olympus + Cyclops = Cyclops
Cyclops + Silver Olympus = Silver Olympus

Platinum = [Water + Metal] (may also produce Rust and Quicksilver) [49h][39h12m]
*Rust + Water
*Quicksilver + Metal
Gold = [Fire + Metal] (may also produce Brass and Forge) [48h][38h24m]
*Brass + Fire
*Forge + Metal
Electrum Dragon = [Lightning + Metal] (may also produce Copper and Magnetic) [47h30m][38h]
*Magnetic + Lightning
*Copper + Metal
Silver = [Cold + Metal] (may also produce Mine and Steel) [47h][37h36m]
*Cold + Mine
*Metal + Steel
Bronze = [Earth + Metal] (may also produce Iron and Scoria) [46h][36h48m]
*Air + Iron
*Air + Scoria
Note: Breeding two different type of Treasure Dragon will result to either of the pair (50/50)

Seasonal = [Air + Fire + Plant] [48h][38h24m]
*Air + Flower
*Fire + Willow
Note: Seasonal Dragon will magically changes its appearance as seasons changes

= [Cold + Lightning][breed between 7pm-7am] (may also produce Storm) [48h][38h24m]
*Firefly + Storm
*Scorch + Storm
Sun = [Cold + Lightning][breed between 7am-7pm] (may also produce Storm) [48h][38h24m]
*Firefly + Storm
*Scorch + Storm
RAINBOW = [any 4 different elements] [48h][38h24m]
*Seaweed + Firefly
*Swamp + Scorch
Double Rainbow = [any 4 different elements] [60h][48h]
*Seaweed + Firefly
*Swamp + Scorch
Ouroboros Dragon = [Magnetic + Water] [26h24m][21h7m12s]
*Magnetic + Rust
*Magnetic + Quicksilver

Gemstone Dragons:
-These dragons are also considered Epic Dragon and Limited Dragon. It is named after the birthstone of the month and only available during their respective month. It is the only dragon that produce gems instead of DC.
-these dragons have extremely low probability rate of success and have only 1 special combination for every gemstone dragon and cannot be breed with any dragon including another same gemstone dragon.

January - Garnet = [Smoke + Obsidian] [31h][24h48m]
February - Amethyst = [Hail + Sonic] [28h][22h24m]
March - Aquamarine = [Iceberg + River] [31h][24h48m]
April - Diamond = [Ice + Mine] [30][24h]
May - Emerald = [Lichen + Crystal] [31h][24h48m]
June - Pearl = [Seaweed + Snow] [30h][24h]
July - Ruby = [Chrome + Scorch] [31h][24h48m]
August - Peridot = [Crystal + Cactus] [31h][24h48m]
September - Sapphire = [Rain + Mountain] [30h][24h]
October - Opal = [Lava + Mud] [31h][24h48m]
November - Topaz = [Cactus + Firefly] [30h][24h] ***it's back!***
December - Turquoise = [Poison + Swamp] [31h][24h48m]

Quarterly Gemstone Dragon:
May-July - Jade = [Plasma + Salamander] [30h26m][24h20m48s]
Aug-Oct - Amber = [Evergreen + Quake] [30h26m15s][24h21m]
Nov-Jan - Jet = [Ash + FrostFire] [30h][24h] *** NEW ***

Legendary Dragon:
-Currently there is only one Legendary Dragon; Kairos. this dragon possess a very special power, it can accelerate all the time-related activities in your island by 6hrs except the Colosseum event and gemstone island counter.

-This is the only dragon that cannot be bred or purchase in the market, it can only acquired by summoning.

How to Summon Kairos Dragon:
You need to collect all the fragments to assemble the Artifacts. There are 3 Artifacts; 7 fragments from each stage; so you need a total of 21 fragments before you can summon Kairos.

There are two ways to obtain the fragments, but you need to purchase first the Perch of Kairos from the Habitats section and Dragon Track from the Buildings section of the Market, this will only be available when you reach level 16.

by Race- you can enter race from Perch of Kairos or Dragon Track, by winning the race you have a chance to win a piece of fragment from spinning wheel.

by Quest- You can send your dragon on a quest from the Perch of Kairos to collect the fragments for you, it will take 2hrs-24hrs before your dragon return and see what they got for you, it can be DC, treats, XP or fragment. You can still enter a race while your dragon is on quest.

Guide for choosing the best dragon for the tracks:

Event = Recommended Dragon:

Blast Furnace = Forge/ Brass
Cherry Road = Sakura
Dramoria = Steel/ Mine/ Scoria
Electric Skies = Sonic/ Butterfly
Marshlands = Swamp/ Seaweed
Rime or Reason = Snow
Shimmering Faultline = Quake/ Crystal
Ulster Meadows = Tree/ Clover/ Moss
Year of the Dragon = Panlong

Note: using the recommended dragon will not guarantee you 1st place, it will only give you speed advantage but you still need the right timing and winning 1st place will not guarantee you gem or fragment, it is still random and luck, 1st place will only give you higher chance of getting fragment or gem.
If you don't have the recommended dragon, using Epic or Gemstone dragon is a good alternative, it seems to run fast on all tracks.

Guide for choosing the right dragon for the Quest:

Quest = Recommended Dragon:

Berrywhite Mountains = Scorch/ Firefly
Blitzenwood = Cactus/ Ash
Blizzard's Breath = Snow
Boneyard Caldera = Lava/ Obsidian
Burning Winds = Blazing/ Smoke
Cadberry Fields = Sonic
The Dragonwallow = Mud
Drizzlemist Heights = Fog/ Rain
Frozen Pond = Ice/ Iceberg
Greenwood Forest = Moss/ Tree
Hemlock Gardens = Poison/ Flower
The Iron Crag = Iron/ Scoria
Lodestone Peak = Magnetic/ Copper
Mermaid's Garden = Seaweed/ Swamp
Mount Dumme = Brass/ Forge
Mount Spectre = Mountain
Northern Exposure = Lichen/ Evergreen
Prismatic Rift = Quake/ Crystal
Ruins of Alsvitheim = Mine/ Steel
Stormy Way = Storm
The Weeping Wood = Pollen/ Willow

Note: using the recommended dragon will not guarantee to get gem or fragment, it is random.

How to Activate Kairos:
Kairos can be activated once every four days using the "Activate" button. Upon activation, all activities in the park that require time (dragon earnings, breeding, incubating, harvesting) to complete will be accelerated by six hours.
*Gifting Tree and Colosseum are not accelerated.

The "SummonDragon" button will summon Kairos back to the perch.

Happy Breeding Dragonvalers!

Special thanks to r0b0-tr0n, the creator of Dragonvale Sandbox, without his Sandbox, it will be harder for me to find the right combo.

✨✨Dragon Count: 145✨✨

If you spot any mistakes or omissions please feel free to post a reply and let me know! Also, feel free to post your winning combinations so that it may help others. ;)
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Apr 6, 2012
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Thanks for passing the torch to me. :) it's my pleasure to do it. I love this game and I love this forum, it feels good to have contributed something. :)


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Apr 6, 2012
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Solar Eclipse Dragon [48 hours]
Limited: Only available until Nov. 19th

-The Solar Eclipse Dragon can be bred by selecting dragons with Air, Earth and Fire elements.

Suggested Combo:
Air + Bone
Air + Lava
Air + Obsidian

-The Solar Eclipse Dragon can only breed with dragons that have the Sun or Moon element.
e.g. Solstice, Equinox, BlueMoon, Moon or Sun. The result will be either of the pair
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Apr 6, 2012
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Smoke Dragon [14 hours]

-The Smoke Dragon can be bred by selecting a Fire Dragon or Fire hybrid dragon to mate with an Air Dragon or Air hybrid dragon

Suggested Combo:
(fail is 3hrs and 8hrs)

Air + Butterfly
Air + Firefly
Air + Scorch
Blazing + Butterfly
Blazing + Firefly
Blazing + Lightning
Blazing + Scorch
Blazing + Sonic
Butterfly + Fire
Butterfly + Firefly
Butterfly + Firework
Butterfly + Lightning
Butterfly + Scorch
Butterfly + Sonic
Fire + Sonic
Firefly + Firework
Firefly + Sonic
Firework + Lightning
Firework + Scorch
Firework + Sonic
Scorch + Sonic
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Solar Eclipse Dragon already expired!

Added: breeding time for upgraded cave/island are shown in [violet]
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May 12, 2012
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West Australia
Awesome work Marc, cannot think of anyone better to carry on this great work for us.
I have often used the outdated version and thanks also to F4780y for all his hard work in the past and for passing the baton to you Marc.

Great resource!


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Apr 6, 2012
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For those who are still trying for Panlong Dragon, you can also use these combos:

Blazing + Mud
Bone + Fog
Bone + Rain
Firework + Mud
Fog + Lava
Fog + Obsidian
Lava + Rain
Mud + Smoke
Obsidian + Rain


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Apr 6, 2012
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Other combo for Seasonal Dragon:

Air + Flower
Air + Poison
Blazing + Flower
Blazing + Plant
Blazing + Poison
Blazing + Pollen
Blazing + Willow
Fire + Pollen
Fire + Willow
Firework + Flower
Firework + Plant
Firework + Poison
Firework + Pollen
Firework + Willow
Flower + Pollen
Flower + Smoke
Flower + Willow
Plant + Smoke
Poison + Pollen
Poison + Smoke
Poison + Willow
Pollen + Smoke
Smoke + Willow

Fail is 30mins-14hrs


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Apr 6, 2012
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Other combo for Olympus Dragons:

Crystal + Dodo
Crystal + Sandstorm
Crystal + Sonic
Dodo + Lightning
Dodo + Quake
Dodo + Sonic
Lightning + Sandstorm
Quake + Sandstorm
Quake + Sonic
Sandstorm + Sonic

Fail is 6hrs, 8hrs and 24hrs


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Oct 11, 2012
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kryp2n8 said:
Thanks for passing the torch to me. :) it's my pleasure to do it. I love this game and I love this forum, it feels good to have contributed something. :)

Congrats to your new role Marc! As far as I - who has been on DV - only for about a month, - know, there is no one more suitable for this !
Wish you good luck and do not forget to rest when you need. Noone can work all the time :)

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Oct 11, 2012
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