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All email shows as unread, even those previously read.


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Jan 19, 2011
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I have had my iPad just a couple of days, but this problem is driving me batty. I hope it's a quick setting somewhere to solve. I have one email account that I'm checking, an @bellsouth.net account (which is an ATT/ Yahoo mail service). I leave all my email on the server typically (no matter where I'm checking from), especially when I travel, and then download OFF the server from home, intentionally.

The problem is that when I check mail on the iPad, if I've already read a message online through the Bellsouth web interface, then it comes in on the iPad as "Unread"... and I have to go though and manually "read" them. I've set the "Push" to Off, and the "Fetch" to manual, but it still does this. Given the volume of email I receive, this is a major hassle.

What's the solution??

My iPhone seems to handle all of this just fine, the problem is only on the iPad.

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