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Airplay, IPOD / IPhone, Apple TV, Sound System and SonyEntertainmentCenter


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Oct 7, 2013
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OK all. Thought I'd share a golden moment our family have discovered..... We have subscribed to 'SonyEntertainmentCenter' ($70AUD per year) and we can download/stream any music we want to play any time. We use our iphone or ipad to log into our Sony portal and airplay link to the apple TV box. The speakers attached to Apple TV box then rip out the sounds we want. The same can be done for visual media as well from SonyEntertainmnetCenter. I know you can do the music bit with ITunes in some respect, but is more costly and the interface is less friendly with less choice. Checkout SonyNetworkEntertainmentCenter and you too will love the setup! Happy days :) Byte
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