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After JailBreaking, iPad take forever to load!!/HELP ASAP.


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Jun 18, 2010
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Kuwait city
After I jaik broke the iPad the wallpaper changed and it shuted off, then startet to only show the loading signal. It been too long showning the loading mark IT TOOK MORE THAN FOUR HOURS AND THE IPAD DIDN'T STARTED YET, HELP!
Now fixed it, but now there is a new problem some thing about springboard crashing and they ask me to restart the wallpaper change but it no use. Experts help please?
Maybe you should not panic I suggest you read our threads in the forum ok
You are in control of your own world if you choose to break the iPad. From what I have read many have done successfully so relax think make a list of your problems and ask how we may be able to help with out spitting the dummy ( going into a panic)

Cheers col
I restored and installed jailbreak all over again. Hopefully I won't run into this problem again.

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