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after iPad 9.7 screen replacement I'm having an issue


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Sep 27, 2021
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Hello all

i replaced my 9.7 iPad screen myself. Reassembled it and now after about 2-2.5 mins the iPad shuts down/off and reboots automatically. Battery is fine and holding charge. I tried a force quit and even erased entire iPad. Still happening. I assume I disconnect or damaged something. I plan to reopen and make sure everything is connected as it should be. Any advice on what I should double check that would be causing this? Everything I read says it’s a software issue. I suspect a hardware issue since it just started after my repair?

One video instructed me to place a plastic pick between the battery and the connector after removing the screw that holds down the connector and large cover. I found this difficult to slightly pry up the batt connector. Perhaps it is glued? The plastic pick just seemed to had trouble prying up a little. Im guessing the connectors for the screen are good since it work fine for the 2.5 min it is booted. the only other problem I had was when I removed the cover with the 11 screws that covers the battery connector I accidentally pried up a thick black wire that had a 90 degree connector on it . I believe it was glued down. I was careful to push that back down.

Can anyone give me advice and thank you for your time.

Here is the YouTube video I used.

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