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Adding Movies On The Go


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Oct 2, 2011
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Kent UK
Hi Guys, I know there is a ton of threads on movies and some active ones very similar to this but I would like some specific advice to my situation as some of the solutions offered in other threads seemed a bit over technical for what I need.

So I went away for christmas with my ipad 16gb and it was fantastic for a long 12hr journey. The problem being that I wanted to add more movies for the return journey and also for watching while I was there, but this seemed impossible.

What about the camera connection kit. It says you can add MPEG-4 movies. Would that allow me to add more movies.

Has somebody got a solution or advice. Sometimes when I go away I may or may not have access to an internet connection. Before I went away I deleted over 90% of apps but there was still at least 5gb of other data on there so there was very few films that I could actually add so Im desperate to have more flexibility.


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