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Active sync issues when using native mail client on iPad 2 iOS 5 with exchange 2003


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Jan 31, 2012
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To to deploy the ipad2 within a corporate envnironment. We use exchange 2003 with a separate
Front server to connect with an SSl certificate installed. Able to get all emails when using OWA however have missing emails when using the inbuilt native mail client. Have configured it to connect using push and fetch however results are the same. We suspect the issue may lie with active sync.

We also have a blackberry enterprise server talking to exchange and never experienced any issues with missing emails on the blackberry.

We have rebuilt the front end server, checked that the correct ports are being used, checked firewall rules, installed SSL certificates, tried another email client - emailganizer and still unable to get it to work

Has anyone experienced the same issue - what is the solution ?

Hope the answers out there...

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