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About two weeks ago my laptop crashed


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Nov 17, 2010
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Palm Springs, Ca.
Hard drive malfunction. I thought I had everything I really wanted backed up, family photos and iTunes, but I was wrong I guess. Lost some really cool Greasemonkey and Firefox add ons that I can't find anymore and every time I browse the web with the laptop I'm reminded of it.

So I pretty much only use the iPad now. The only time I have trouble is viewing videos on certain forums and when taking online surveys. So those are the only times I have fired up the laptop lately, and for the most part I'll decide not to watch the video or take the survey instead. I didnt buy this thing as a replacement for the PC but the more I use it the more I find that's what it's become.:)
Sorry about the laptop. I have a monthly process of backing everything up and use Microsoft's SyncToy to great effect with this. I got bit once too, not having backups. It really can be a pain in the arse.

And yes, 99% of my browsing and email is now done from the iPad. I leave my laptop to video/photo processing and gaming.
Sorry about the computer! I've been there too, lost several manuals I had written. I have Carbonite for both my desk top and laptop now. Write it off as a business expense. I too end up doing most my web browsing and email on my iPad now.... I play more games on it than I ever played on any computer too!

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