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A6 Chip and Not Expected to Feature in iPad 3 Until June 2012


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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A report on Cnet’s Nanotech blog today says that according to chip consulting firm, The Linley Group, Apple’s newest chip, the A6, may not be appearing in the iPad 3 until June 2012. According to the report, the A6 is a big leap forward in terms of chip design, as it will have four processor cores in comparison with the current A5 chip, which has just two cores. It will also have “so-called†3D technology. The report also says that Apple may well be moving from Samsung to TSMC when it comes to the manufacture of the A6, as has long been predicted. According to Nanotech, if the A6 does emerge in Q2 of 2012, it will be one of the first 28 [nanometer] mobile processors, alongside Qualcomm’s MSM8960 chip, to be produced. Linley Group analyst Kevin Krewell says that the fact that the A6 will not be ready until June of next year does not mean that the iPad 3 cannot be released until it is ready, it just means that initial runs of the iPad 3 will still have the A5 processor. Kewell adds that he believes that the A6 will be one of the best mobile processors to emerge next year, rating well alongside a forthcoming quad-core chip from Nvidia which is set to be used in Android and Windows 8 devices.

Source: A6 chip to reach iPad 3 later in 2012, says analyst | Nanotech - The Circuits Blog - CNET News
via MacRumors

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