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A visit to the Apple store... Wow!


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Jan 17, 2011
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I went to the Apple store in Quebec city today to check my iPhone 3GS. I had doubts about my battery and a dead pixel. Anyway, the dead pixel turned out to be a stuck pixel that got unstuck and the Genius ran an analysis on my iphone's battery and everything is looking great. He gave me some tips to help as some apps could be causing the fast drainage of my battery over 3G. Quick, fast, polite, and. Some good tips. For a short stop, it was worth it and as I was ready to leave the store, happy to know that the hardware is still good, I remembered that I wanted to by new ear buds since the one that came with my iPhone were destroy by a cat... As I was saying goodbye, I simply said to myself "oh, yeah, the ear buds...". Then the Genius guy asked me if I was going to buy a new pair like I had stock with my iPhone... I agreed and he replied "wait, i'll give you a pair for free...". That was really cool! That is real customer services...

Ok, they're just ear buds, but they actually cost 40$ at Future shop (like Best Buy). That guy saved me 40$ without having to ask for it... I love Apple, not because I saved a few bucks, but because of they care for their customers...

VicoPad addict!
Great to hear of your experience and thanks for posting it. People always post when they receive poor service, but it's great to hear about the good experiences too.

Good to hear, I went to my closest apple store (in Aus) and got $22 off an iPod nano, I didn't know apple budge on their prices but this guy was excellent
I wouldn't mind knowing the suggestions for 3G battery loss as I have a 3GS as well? Please?
We have a new Apple Store which opened in March. I keep promising myself a visit, but I know that unless I leave the plastic at home, I will be leaving with many carrier bags :D
Hayles66 said:
I wouldn't mind knowing the suggestions for 3G battery loss as I have a 3GS as well? Please?

They were basic tips, some of them I already new about, but here is the list:

Turn off notification on apps that you don't need to be notified
Take time to check is battery usage changed after installing a new apps. Some may actually do something even when closed
Reboot once a month
In doubt, you can reset to default setting from the general setting. You will not loose data but have to set your wallpaper again and some minor settings
Turn off Bluetooth if you don't use it regularly
Turn off gps if not really needed
Turn off wifi when on the road and you know that wifi won't be available
Close apps in the task bar once in a while

I am doing already some of those tips, and it does help getting longer time out of the battery. And some apps like Skype do drain dramatically the battery, so make sure not to let them run in the background...

VicoPad addict!
Gee, thanks for that! I did know some but you do forget notifications, don't you! So, the 3GS is still okay! Great to know, I've got the feeling our update life is coming to an end though, what do you think?
Hayles66 said:
Gee, thanks for that! I did know some but you do forget notifications, don't you! So, the 3GS is still okay! Great to know, I've got the feeling our update life is coming to an end though, what do you think?

Probably the iPhone 5 will kill the 3GS, but I don't mind. If the last firmware is making it great enough for few more years, it will be ok with me. I prefer Apple putting energy on actual products, then trying to support outdated hardware with new technology. There are some limits that do not need to be crossed at all cost. What would it gives us to have the latest firmware if the device would be lagging because it does not have enough CPU ou ram?

My 3GS is almost 2 years old, and still doing great even if I use it heavily. So it was a 400$ well spent since it was so useful at work. I'll wait at the end of my contract to upgrade to the new iPhone which is in a year from now. Of course, that's if the iPhone as more potential then 4 over 3GS...

I think 3GS users got lucky cause that version is powerful enough for everything. iPhone 4 just brought more goodies like frontal cam. Probably iPad 2 users will be like iPhone 3GS users for a while. I love my iPad 1, but having a frontal cam would be sweet with that device, at least for me, since i use Skype a lot on my iPad.

VicoPad addict!
This is a good business practice they did with me after all. I remember that they ask for my name and email when scheduling me for an appointment at the Genius bar. I just waited like 5 minutes since I did not have a pre-scheduled appointment... But having my email, they probably had access to my habits with Apple products since this is also my iTunes account. I don't know, but i'm guessing that they asked my email to have an overview of what I owned and what I bought in the app store. This is a good thing in my point of view because they are able to see that the guy in front of them is a new user or old timer ;)

Anyway, they gave me a value of 40$, which is probably costing them 1-2$. They made me happy, and they're is good potential that I won't mind spending more money on their products. Not because I saved 40$ but I felt as a welcomed customer and taking cared of. And that, in the marketing world is worth everything. It's a win-win case when you think about it.

I think I have spent more on Apple products (software included) than I ever spent on any other brand, beside Sony with the playstation 2 and the games... Even then, i'm not quite sure...

I bought in the past a few PC games and software. But after 2 or 3 years, the games won't work anymore because of the new Windows. Apps were rapidly outdated with the new version that you had to buy it again. I even remember one software that I bought for 40$, and not a year later, I could not install it again, on the same computer because their license server did not exists anymore. (it was a software for virtually repainting your house from Home Depot)... In the end, you try to find free alternatives cause you feel ripped off of those softwares where you spent a lot of money. I think that's where Apple shines with the AppStore. The cost is really low, you can even get a refund if you're not satisfied and generally speaking, paid apps are of good quality. At least, you have the reviews, and a free version to validate your purchase...

I think that apple is the only company that put money on customer service instead of rewarding with points, almost free gifts or promotions that you don't care about... And service is good before, and after your purchase... Hard to find another company that does that...

I think i'm a fanboy now, but at least out of my own free will based on actual experiences. Not because they told me so... ;)

VicoPad addict!
That's great. I have to be honest though, I've never been into an apple shop in my life! Thank god! Serious spending would occur! The nearest is in Bristol an hour and a half away.

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