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A remote control iPad interface will control the upcoming Apple HDTV?


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Jul 27, 2011
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The Apple TV rumors had been sitting on the reserve bench lately, but this week a second hand account coming from the Business Insider, managed to rekindle interest into this mythical device. So according to the story, Apple is said to be working on an iPad interface that will remotely control the upcoming Apple HDTV.

Even if the information so far is pretty scattered and unconvincing this is practically the first news we have seen so far regarding preparations vis-à-vis the HDTV user interface.

The source also describes how this iPad interface is expected to work. According to the insider it is supposed to function as a channel surfing tool. The tablet will be running dedicated remote control apps that will be connected with the Apple TV in order to offer the viewer the best experience possible.

The iPad will be in charge of running special apps and by means of graphical user interface (GUI) users will be able to scan the content they are interested in. The GUI will be linked to the TiVo app and set-box as well.

The source also claims that some channels will have their own specific apps that will show users other relevant information apart from just streaming the video content. Let’s say you are watching Fox and at the same time the app provides information about different upcoming video or gaming releases. It doesn’t sound bad, but we can’t help but wonder if a system like this wouldn’t become quite confusing to users. Launching a different app every time you want to change the program might prove annoying to some.

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By Radu

Remote control iPad interface reportedly outlined for rumored Apple HDTV


iPF Noob
Mar 19, 2011
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Oxford, MS
This is def the bomb.com but it's understood that iOS devices would provide a control room for the various interactive media. I said devices because this is just a visual aid on the current ATV. I can change venues (Netflix, etc) via short swipes or type my exact search (much less tedious than clicking little aluminum remote). My interest is whether it will be wholly interactive? Will it piggy back off ATV and merge the system of mirroring and AirPlay and/or have apps like other TVs. I knows it's gonna cost 2 arms and three legs so I'll best stakin out some metro hospitals soon.

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