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A new MobileMe ... seamless and more automatic


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Mar 7, 2011
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In earlier statements by Apple ... the intention of MobileMe is like "Exchange for the rest of us". We all want to listen to our music on any device we own (Apple built and sold, that is)... search and find vital files on one device for use on another ... update active files so we are always on the same page to promote up to date communications and understanding. i.e calendars, e-mail, word processing files, PDF files, Photos, etc. (not sure how all this might tie into the social sites, Youtube, Facebook, etc.)

It would seem that Apple is intent in offering seamless and almost auto transfer, sharing, sync, utilization of storage in all of your Apple products is soon to be offered. A true plug and play approach. IMO

The issues of file format, security, DRM are all involved. Many who like to jail break, utilize code breaks of DRM to gain access and then have free access to a variety of commercial pay for media will quickly find Apple is not going to make it EZ to manage those files obtained outside of its provided safeguard system, via iTunes. IMO

I suspect the complaints will be heard and discussed. IMO

As Apple's market share grows ... and it is ... MobileMe will dramatically influence more consumers to consider and buy more Apple products.

This is a fairly safe viewpoint ... it would interesting for others to offer their insights. Looking for inputs and discussion.

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