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A help needed with how to play subtitles.


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Oct 30, 2011
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I use an ap called aceplayer which supports all sorts of video formats.the app says it also supports most of the subtitle formats too. But I can't load subtitles along with the movie.you can't transfer the video and subtitle file as a single folder into the app.only separate transfer is possible.
Anyone else uses the app?or how do u play subtitles in other video apps?please help


They do have a faq on their website, but that doesn't help much:

20.The subtitle is not show, why?

Maybe you should click the “i” button and select the subtitle encoding .
When you play videos from some server, maybe the subtitle is not shared, you should check whether the subtitle is in the files list.

21. How to play MP4, M4V or MOV with the “.srt” subtitle file?

Close the QuickTime in the settings.

I've seen people mention goodplayer and avplayerhd quite a few times. Those might be a better choice, but considering that AcePlayer sells for $5, you might want to try and contact their support department.

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