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A few question about today's upgrade


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Aug 5, 2011
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I am not very technically minded, so I have a few questions about today's upgrade. None of them are about what time it will happen!

OK... first, I have downloaded iTunes 10.5 (doing it now, seems to be smooth). I want to back up my iPad, how do I do that? Is that what is meant by just synching it as I do once a week?

I have documents in Pages and Storyist. Will they get wiped? If so, how do I get them onto my pc?

I have tried to get the answers by searching, but got involved in reading about saving blobs, and jailbreaking... I don't want to do any of that, once I've upgraded, I won't go back, I don't want to jailbreak my iPad, I just want to upgrade and use without losing everything. It's a 16GB Wi-fi and I'm using Windows VIsta on a laptop, if that makes a difference to answers!
Thanks x


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Try watching this video. It does a pretty good job of telling you how to prepare.


You can mail Pages documents to yourself for safe keeping. If you don't have a computer to download them to, just leave them in mail until you are sure you didn't lose any. I'm don't have Storyist, but I bet it has an email option too.

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