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3G first month usage


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Feb 22, 2010
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Portland, OR
I'm at 3 days left on my first months usage and thought we should post our how much we've used the 3G.

To date I'm showing -
Sent: 8.3MB,
Received: 153MB.

Since I'm retired and home I rarely go off of wifi; home, Starbucks, motel, etc keeps me covered. I had signed up for the 250MB plan and I'm actually tempted to drop it but I think I'll continue another couple of months and see how it plays.
I'm on day #2 and my current 3G ussage is:

Sent: 48.5MB
Recieved: 561MB

Been using it via wifi only since i got it, but just recently canceled my iphone plan with ATT and moved to a cheaper phone carrier with unlimited everything. I was then able to get the 3g plan for my iPad and still save money on what I was paying before just for my crappy iphone plan.
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Since noon on 4/30, my stats read Sent: 562mb Received: 4.3gb. I'm never on WiFi.
I'm using Vodafone in Australia - they offer 12GB for 12 months, but I certainly will still use Wi-Fi when I'm in a free Hotspot area.
Day 12 and ive passed the 2gig mark. I'll be keeping my unlimited plan.

downloading 300MB+ podcasts can eat up the bandwidth usage really quick. Im surprised im only at the 2gig mark(must be due to att's slow network).
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Used just at 3G the first month, and if I actually had 3G instead of Edge, I'm sure it would be much higher. Movies and videos aren't really doable on Edge!
I've decided to keep the 3G and just try to suck up as much bandwidth as possable. Ive got a couple dozen podcasts downloading now (over 300MB each).

I plan to use 3G all the time even if there is WiFi.
AT&T watch out, now im going to actually be getting my $30 worth of unlimited data usage.
Planning to pick up 16gb 3g ipad today
I checked my iPhone plan history and only once used more than 60mb in a month.
I don't watch video or stream anything data-intensive but am on the iPhone constantly,
if I don't get it today, I'm not worried about passing the 2gb limit.

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