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3G Battery Life !?


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Apr 14, 2010
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I know I have been "overusing" my iPad 3G after fedex delivering it yesterday. It did only get about 5 good hours of charge last night, but when I woke up today it was 100% charged. Been playing games for about 4 hours today. Battery is at 38%, does this seem normal? How is everyone else faring with their battery life?
You should get about 8.5-9h with 3G use. If you don't need it, then turn the 3G modem off and then you will get 1-1.5 hours more
Some games may be processor intense, and require more power. Also playing iTunes in the background can help draw things down.
Also, if you do the calculations, you used 62% of the power over 5 hours, so that gets you a life of around 8.5 hours. That is about standard for the 3G model, according to independent tests.
ive found if you want the best battery life turn on auto-brightness and crank the slider to the bottom.

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