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2 problems in working with iPad 2


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Aug 26, 2011
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Dears, i got an iPad 2 a couple of days ago, but i have these problems;
1- i added the pictures from "my pictures" folder to iPad using iTunes, but now it seems i cann't delete them! when i selected some photos the "delete" button was there but was not active. now even that delete button has gone!

2- when i purchased the iPad i asked the seller install many apps on it and he did his job well. but i want to install some other apps from a DVD too, but when i import these apps to iTunes and i mark "Sync Apps" it gives me a message that all previously added apps will be replaced with the 3 apps i want to install now! i dont want to replace, i want to add!

can anyone help me with these plz?


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Jan 3, 2011
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You cannot delete photos that have been synchronised to your iPad from your PC using the iPad. Only photos that were added locally - perhaps received as an email attachment - can be deleted locally. Other photos need to be deleted from your PC - or moved - and then the iPad resynchronised.

The apps that the seller installed on your iPad are not yours because they were not purchased using your iTunes account. To be able to keep/own those apps you would need access to the seller's iTunes account. Making copies of apps and 'giving' them to others is not allowed - it's piracy. Only apps purchased using your own iTunes account(s) can be kept. I'm afraid that, as soon as you update, those apps will be deleted.



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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Unless the seller installed the apps using your iTunes account (which he should have done after having you set it up, without seeing your password), in which case it is the app on the DVD that are not yours, and can not be installed.

Normally apps are only purchased and installed from the iTunes store. Unless you placed those app on a DVD yourself chances are they are pirated. Besides being illegal, there is also no guarantee they are safe.

If you want those apps, go into the App Store and purchase them.

If you do not actually have your own iTunes account and Apple ID, that is where you need to start. In that case, you don't own any of your apps, and the seller (innocently or not) has done you a disservice.

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