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16gb or 32gb?


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Apr 25, 2011
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I've already searched around for this issue, but in my specific case, which would you choose?

I have 1.4gb of music, and about 30 apps on my iPod that take up about 3gb. I have only a few TV episodes but I don't have them synced to my iPod since they take up too much space. I have no movies, either.

On my iPad I'll probably have less apps than that since I only want apps that will look good on the iPad (and I only have about 12 apps out my 72 apps that were designed either just for the iPad or for all the iDevices).

I'll also probably have a lot of documents (note apps, pages, etc) for school.

So should I get a 16gb or 32gb?
My choice was 16. I do not have a huge music collection and I can stream it anyway.
No different than when buying just about anything.........

Buy the best you can afford.

I had a 16G iPad and now have a 64G iPad 2.
In my case, I now could afford it. Doesn't matter if I will ever use it. Same goes with the 3G. Didn't have it the first time but I do now.
I went for the 32GB although I could afford the 64GB I decided I didn't need it. 32GB is proving to be the most popular. I went to the Apple store to help someone else buy their iPad and they had no 32GB left whatsoever in the WiFi or the WiFi + 3G. I'd say 32GB is for the average user? I have a 16GB iPhone too though.
I think I just have a moral problem with paying $100 for 16GB of memory :)
gwlaw99 said:
I think I just have a moral problem with paying $100 for 16GB of memory :)

If you need movies as well, they will eat your memory and also the important factor is the ability to have loads of apps. I have 275 apps and they do take up some space but this is depending on what each one holds. 16gb extra is always useful but in the end, it's what you need and what you can afford, that counts, you decide in the end.
gwlaw99 said:
I think I just have a moral problem with paying $100 for 16GB of memory :)

In the end going with 16GB will save you more then just $100, because due to the space restriction is one less likely to purchase many apps or moves and instead rather relies on streaming methods. Or take it the other way around, there is a hidden cost attached to the increased size: Space wants to be filled :D

But in the end, just buy the one you are comfortable with paying for. There is little reason to stretch oneself for the purchase of a technology device which will be outdated within two years.
Thanks for the advice, guys :D

Still undecided, but leaning towards 32gb.
iPad 1 16GB refurb from Apple for $349. 20 apps installed so far. Access to streaming Netflix and my home music server. Some games, news reader etc. Memory used so far 0.9GB

Very happy with my bargain. 16GB seems okay for what I want to do. Had my iPad for three weeks, I don't know how I lived without it!
Go with the largest you can afford. I went with 64GB and am only using about half of that. But it is nice to know I can use more if I wanted to.


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I think I just have a moral problem with paying $100 for 16GB of memory :)

Would you have less of a "moral problem" paying $200 for 48GB of memory? If so, get the 64GB.

Remember the 16GB is really 14GB usable, the 32GB is really 29GB usable. Not sure about the 64GB.

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