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Apr 10, 2010
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All those getting the plan what did you choose the 15 or 30 dollar plan? I do believe that most people do not use 250mb a month especially if you have any other smartphone plan and you would prob always Peter a wifi connection when available over AT&T 3G. And do remember it is automatic every month unless you stop it. Thoughts?
I don't have a home network. I'm not always or even often in reach of wifi. Unlimited is the only way for me to go right now.
I signed up fore the 250MB plan around 1:00pm yesterday and by 3:00, after no more than an hour of definite 3G surfing I'd used 33MB. Not sure why this was so much higher than my iPhone, that's a typical month for me.

I turned 3G off so I'll be sure and only use wifi when I'm home or in a wifi location. I'll turn 3G back on when I need it.
I went with the $30/mo for the first month. I figure that I will use it the most as I am just getting used to it. I will probably drop to the $15/mo for next month and see how that works.

Make sure that you turn off 3G when your not using it!
In also bought the 15 a month plan to simply gauge just how much i would typically use. Since I'm always around wifi (at home or on campus), i figured I wouldn't need the unlimited plan but after just a few short hours of chatting and browsing i used around 16 mbs of data..

It's a bit annoying constantly watching your usage and will probably end up upgrading to the umlimitd next month.
Go with the $30 plan. Everyone seems to be having unusually high usage numbers with minimal use. I have already passed 250mb in under two days. Not sure how I accomplish ed that feat as I have wifi at home.

Plus it takes away from the enjoyment when you are monitoring usage.

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