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  1. Catbjorhan

    Zagg Slim Book Go

    Hey guys, I just bought myself a Zagg Slim Book Go for my iPad 7th gen 10,2”, but I have a problem. All the QWERTYUIOPÅ buttons works, and all the ZXCVBNM works. But none of the ASDFGHJKLØÆ works. It connects just fine, both to my iPad and my iPhone 11. But these buttons don’t work either...
  2. A

    ZAGGfolio keyboard for iPad 2-4 case won’t connect to iPad 4

    Ive tried charging, a hard reset, on my iPhone 7, disconnecting and reconnecting several times. I am at a loss at what to try. It was a re-gift, so I don’t think there’s much hope for support from ZAGG. I am just wondering if there is anything else I can try before I give up. What happens is, I...