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wireless charging

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    AirPower Wireless Charging Mat Could be Here By March

    According to a new report on Japanese Apple website Mac Otakara, via MacRumors, Apple’s new AirPower wireless charging mat could be onsale as soon as March. The news comes from “reliable sources,” apparently, and backs up previous similar claims from The Apple Post earlier this month...
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    Rumour: AirPods Wireless Charging Case to Launch This December

    According to MacRumors, the AirPods inductive wireless charging case that was shown during Apple’s special event on Monday could be available in stores by this December. The original report in MacPrime said that according to sources at Apple Switzerland, the case will cost $69. The current...
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    Rumour: Wirelessly Charging Your iPhone or iPad Just Became a Bit More Likely

    According to a report from MacRumors, the possibility that Apple could be developing wireless charging technology ready for the next iPhone just became a little more likely with the news that Apple supplier Dialog Semiconductor has just invested $10 in wireless charging company Energous. In the...
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    Apple to Introduce Wireless Charging for iPhone and iPad in 2017?

    According to a report on Bloomberg Business, Apple could be planning to release a wirelessly charged iPhone and iPad in 2017. Bloomberg says that it has heard from sources familiar with Apple’s plans that the company is working with its partners in the U.S. and Asia with the aim of devising...