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virtual reality

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    Rumour: Apple and Carl Zeiss Working on AR Glasses for 2018 Launch

    According to a new report from AR/VR expert Robert Scoble, via AppleInsider, Apple has teamed up with optics maker Carl Zeiss to work on a pair of augmented reality/mixed reality glasses that could be launched as soon as next year. Scoble says that the fact that the Zeiss booth at CES this year...
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    Rukkus Ticketing App Adds Virtual Reality Seat View Function

    It’s always handy to be able to check out the view from your seat when you’re buying tickets to an event online, but it’s still not available at all outlets. Good to read, therefore, that ticket marketplace Rukkus has added the feature to its iOS app. In fact, according AppleInsider, Rukkus has...
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    Apple Recruits Top Virtual Reality Researcher

    With 2016 predicted by many to be the year when virtual reality (VR) finally takes off in a big way with the release of Oculus Rift to name but one of many virtual reality devices on the horizon, it’s no surprise to learn that Apple is looking to recruit in that area, with The Financial Times...