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touch id

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    Apple Working on Touch-ID-Enabled Displays

    The United States Patent and Trademark Office has today granted a patent application from Apple for a Touch ID sensor that would be able to detect and read your fingerprints via not just the home button, but also via other parts of the phone, including “display stacks and touch screens,”...
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    More Than 70,000 ATMs to Support Touch ID

    9to5 Mac reports that following on from Bank of America announcing support of Apple Pay ATM withdrawals several weeks ago, FIS and Payment Alliance International have now announced their new partnership that will see users able to withdraw cash from ATMs via Touch ID. The service will be coming...
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    Google Launches Touch ID Sign-In Via iPhone and iPad

    BGR writes that you can now use Touch ID on your iPhone to sign in to your Google account via 2-Step Verification (2FV). Usually, 2FV consists of inputting your username and password (step 1), and then entering a code that is sent to you via e-mail or a text message, or even via an...