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  1. E

    no wifi. how to use app that is trying to update

    Hi. I was on the plane and I wanted to read my book in "books". However, when i selected the app, it would grey out and go into waiting/loading. Since wifi didn't work on the plane, i couldn't update the app and hence I could not use it during the long flight. This was extremely frustrating...
  2. A

    Jailbreaked iPad doesn't reset & iTunes is stuck

    Hello guys, I reseted my iPad, because it had to less memory left. So I reseted it and didn't know that you can't reset jailbreaked iPads, because the jailbreak changes the iPads reboot files or something. Well the point is It is stuck in reseting iPad screen now and I can't shutdown it or...
  3. Nikki Severin

    Lego Harry Potter 5-7 HELP

    Hi! I have been stuck trying to get the Red brick in Ministry of Magic... I open the gate using the deluminator and when the chest opens nothing happens... Anyone else with the same problem? Anyone found a solution? Thank you! :)